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Bespoke Adventure 

Trips for 2025


Ideas: Kashmir - India, Iran, Sicily - Italy, Iceland, Greenland, Georgia, Chile, Patagonia.


We are here at your request to organise bespoke trips around the world.

We aim to organise trips for 6 days skiing minimum, they, therefore, require a travel day on either side around Europe

and potentially 2 days travel further afield. 

We need advanced information on any bespoke trip organisation, we normally have to go first and recce, 

we also fill up our calendar almost a year in advance. 

The Trip

The Skiing

Wherever we ski in the world our main aim is to make you better at skiing. We coach through the tactics to approach slopes and snow types and we instruct on how to improve one's techniques to make skiing more efficient and enjoyable. 

Secondly, we aim for the whole experience to be away from any type of consumerism or tourism. Our trips are adventures into the wild, taking the skiing skills that you've learnt over many years and applying them on wild mountains in the middle of nowhere. 

All trips will be appropriately risk assessed and any skiing will air on the side of caution due to the serious nature of being in remote environments. 

The Camp


There are infinite options for accommodation. Yurts, mountain refuges, boats, chalets, hotels, tents and even farm buildings. The trip will dictate the types of accommodation that are available. We will also listen to any requests and factor those into the research that we do into the destination. 

We have in-country agents in many places that could help resolve any requirements that people should have. 

We love the wild, but we also love a bit of luxury. So let us know a destination and the level of required comfort and we will match your goals, budget and dreams. 

Ski Lift


Skis depend on the destination. For most ski touring trips we would advise a ski that is between 95-115mm underfoot. Depending on the snow type, a wider ski nearly always makes skiing off-piste easier and less energetic. Matching the ski with a pin binding will make walking uphill significantly more enjoyable. 

Boots: Comfort and warmth are important. If skiing an extremely wide ski in very dry snow (Kyrgyzstan, Colorado, Japan), then a stiff boot is necessary to drive the ski. Otherwise a normal ski touring or cross over Pin acceptable boot. 


Please ask for any further information, and a full kit list will be issued. There are good rental shops in Furano, and there will be time on the arrival day to go and source the appropriate kit. Terry & Rich can help.


Let us know. It's bespoke. We can organise everything except flights. 

The way we price our trips is a cost-based method. We add up the costs of the trip, and the guiding fees, then try to make a small amount extra to fund future recce trips to keep the company going to wild destinations. We are not in this business to make huge amounts of profit. 

We love to ski wild places, and we'd love to help organise a trip with you. 

FAQs, Information & Links

The trip has a minimum number of people required to run. We will advise buying flights as soon as the mimimum number of participants is reached.

Alpine & Ski Travel insurance is recommended from the BMC.

This section will be updated as more questions come in to us.



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